The Advantages A Loft Conversion Can Bring

Can you imagine the thrill of climbing to your first floor landing, where usually it was straight on into the bathroom, but now there is a staircase up to another level? Take those stairs and climb into what was a dark and dusty loft where the Christmas decorations were kept and somewhere to store your O-level certificates. Now it is a wonderfully bright and airy room that you are going to be able to use as a spare bedroom, an office, a study or a playroom for the kids where they can make as much noise as they like without getting under foot. All of the above is perfectly possible if you were to have a loft conversion.

All families need more space as the kids grow older and have their own friends at home or to stay over. One option is to move house – not as simple as it sounds in the present economic climate. House prices are static at best – OK the house you want to buy looks a bargain on paper, but you are going to have to market your house at an equally reduced price and sit on the market for some time before snagging a potential buyer.

The other option is to make more space in your current home by having the loft converted with Almost any house can have its loft converted and, depending upon the size of your house, end up with at least an additional bedroom. Or those with larger houses might end up with a bedroom with en-suite bathroom, or an office/study with a shower room, or a kids playroom with toilet off. Either way you will be adding to the value of your home more than the cost of the conversion.

The finances speak for themselves. Over and above the extra cost or additional mortgage of buying a more expensive house, it costs an average of 10,000 to move house. Money lost on estate agents fees, solicitors fees, stamp duty, removal company etc. For 15,000 you can have a loft conversion that adds more than 15,000 to the value of your property – no lost money and the benefit of more space in your current home.

Sounds interesting? To ensure a smooth loft conversion just make sure that you choose a professional loft conversion company that can handle the whole conversion project from drawing up the first plans (in 3D – very cool) to applying for the necessary permissions and building regulations, to carrying out the conversion and finishing it to your decorative standards.

How You Can Build Your Own Kiln

You’ve already have a source where you can get your timber and have a sawmill to shape up the timber you’ve acquired. Now, you only need to have them dried in the kiln, because you don’t want the moisture to destroy the material when it is used for construction. Depending on the kind of wood that you use, the time it takes to reduce its moisture content can take a couple of months. What you’ll learn here is a homemade kiln for drying logs and timbers. This is for homeowners that want to have their own kiln and don’t want to avail the services of because you find it more cost efficient this way.

Air Drying Wood

Before you start your kiln, have you air dried your timber and logs yet? If not, you put all the logs and timbers outside under a shade let it lose a bit of water or moisture naturally from its surrounding environment. Stack up the timber and logs with spaces in between them. You also want to prevent moisture from affecting the logs, so put a piece of plastic right under the stack. Keep the spacing between the logs and timbers good in order to promote good air flow. Depending on the type of wood, you need to have them air dried for a couple of months.

Building the Kiln

It’s a good thing that has shared some tips on how homeowners can create their own kiln at home. After the air drying of the wood for a few months, you bring them indoors and finish its drying. When building the kiln, lay the poly or the clear plastic roll right on the ground then build up the frame of 2×4 studs at the top where the lumber can rest on. Leave some space enough to have the standard dehumidifier for household use can sit at one end and another for the small fan

The fan will be the one that circulates the air in order to even out its drying. You can make your own design for the drying kiln, but the most important part here is that there are no stagnant air or even dampness that is trapped within the kiln. For example, you have set up a 20 feet long, the dehumidifier is also trapped within the kiln and is set at the maximum. It also depends on the model wherein it comes with a hose that will run from the kiln and fill up the bucket.

The kiln should be built around where the stack of timber or logs are bound together using light wooden frame wherein it carries plastic. All the seams must be sealed that has a barrier tape against vapor so that it will hold the moisture in it. You can cut a few small holes for control of the dehumidifier. This is also to test out the moisture content of the wood in difference places.

Getting Rid Of Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused either by a faulty DPC, or the lack of one. It can also be caused by blocked air bricks and mud piled up against the house, breaching the DPC. If the latter is the case, simply trench back with a shovel, the earth away from the walls and make sure it does not build up again. A faulty or missing DPC can be easily remedied by the injection of a chemical compound into the lower part of the wall after drilling a long section of holes, spaced around 5 inches apart with a special machine.

The chemical, when injected, will dissipate around the DPC level and settle inside the wall, giving a barrier against damp rising up. If the damp mould or wet patches on the walls are higher than 5 feet, or even wet walls upstairs, this indicates that the outside walls have lost their weatherproofing qualities and are now letting water into the wall, which is coming into the house and causing problems. You may notice a stale or musty smell inside the house, or in certain rooms. Your clothes and soft fabrics may also be affected and feel soggy. A quick examination of the walls outside will often show cracks or hollow rendering with flaking paint or even green mould or mildew, indicating there is a problem with the walls of the house and that is why you have wetness inside.

If you cannot see the damp or diffused moisture, then it is best to investigate by looking behind furniture, at the back or wardrobes, and anywhere the walls inside feel damp or wet, or maybe where the paintwork inside is flaking away or becoming powdery.

Now we have explained the work needed to get shot of the mould, we would encourage you to speak to a kent damp prevention services and get someone around to check the dampness out.

When you have had the work done, you need to get rid of the mould that is already in the house, because if the source is fixed, the problem should not come back. There are various ways that you can keep the mould at bay, but remember if you don’t deal with the CAUSE of the dampness, it’s going to come back.

Cleaning the damp off the wall.

To clean the damp form the wall, you need to get some suitable old clothes to wear and face and hand protection from the chemicals you may be using.

Tip one: Ventilate the house.

Mould spores don’t like fresh air and yes even though it may be cold outside, you can start by getting some fresh air into the house.

If your bathroom has mould, this is an indication of bad ventilation inside the bathroom and you should always in future open the windows after having a bath or shower, to allow the damp air to dissipate out the window, and not to condense on the colder wall surface.

Most Common Mistakes in Buying a Garden Shed

Gardening is so much fun especially when you have the proper equipment, and of course, a garden shed to store it all after a long day under the sun. If you are planning to buy a garden shed in Essex like found at, here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing:

Neglecting the space requirement

The first thing that you should always consider is the space requirement. Always keep in mind that the primary purpose of your garden shed is to provide storage for all of your garden belongings, materials, and equipment.

Therefore, before you start shopping for various garden sheds, you should make a list of all your belongings to determine the right size that you need. The last thing that you want to buy is a garden shed twice smaller than what you need.

Not checking out the materials

You should always keep in mind that materials are essential. It will help you to determine just how long your garden shed will last. When it comes to the garden shed, you will most likely choose among metal, wood, and plastic. It works differently especially when it comes to complementing your house. You should also consider its own set of advantages and disadvantages so that you will know the right garden shed for you.

Not picking the exact location

You need to decide where you should place your garden shed even before you start on shopping for one. Some people wanted to beautify their garden with a shed, thus placing it in a location where it can complement the garden. However, there are some who only want to hide the shed so that it wouldn’t draw any attention from the backyard by putting it in the corner.

It will most likely depend on the style and design of the garden shed that you are going to buy. Therefore, you should make sure that you decide the best location first before anything else.

Choosing inferior materials because of the low price

Some people would prefer buying inferior materials because of the low price which is wrong. Always prefer quality over price. With that being said, no matter how low the price is, if you think it would not last for a couple of years or so, then there’s no need in investing in that shed.

Choose a shed that is made out of high-quality materials. A shed that will be able to withstand the harsh elements of nature and a shed that you can rely on storing your equipment, materials, and even seedlings. And you can only have this shed by choosing superior materials instead.

Now that you know the most common mistakes, you should avoid the factors above at all cost. It will help you to choose the right garden shed for you and prevent you from wasting money on cheap products. Choose garden sheds that will both accommodate your gardening things and complement your house for a better investment. See here for additional info.

What are the qualities to look for in a well-made pallet?

Woode pallets are absolutely essential in the transportation and logistics industry. All kinds of goods, from food to raw materials, can be loaded on top of wooden pallets safely and efficiently. You can actually buy high-quality and well-constructed wooden pallets at this website, You can go to that website if you want to ensure that the pallets that you buy are worth what you pay for them. Whenever you are shopping for a new wooden pallet, it is important that you look for the following qualities in them. These are qualities that every well-made wooden pallet should have.

How durable the pallet is

If you want a wooden pallet that can last, then be sure to get a pallet that is made out of a durable material. You should ask your pallet supplier what kind of wood that they used in the construction of their pallets. And you must also look for wooden pallets that have been treated to be more durable and resistant to moisture and fire.

The strength of the pallet

A well-made wooden pallet must be strong. This specifically means that it can bear a lot of weight. There is no telling what kinds of stuff you could be placed on top of your pallet. So it is better to be safe rather than sorry and get a wooden pallet that can withstand a lot of weight.

How the pallet distributes weight

A wooden pallet has got to distribute weight evenly. This is because it is less likely to get damaged and do damage to the goods on top of it if it distributes the weight it bears evenly. So be sure find a pallet that is constructed in a way that it can support an even distribution of weight throughout its surface. Inspect the pallet carefully in order to ensure that the full weight that it has got on its surface actually is evenly distributed throughout. It would ensure that you get a pallet that is worth the cost that you paid for it.

The features of the pallet

Wooden pallets can have all sorts of features and varying levels of functionality based on their design and type. So you had better read up on wooden pallet functions and learn about the different features that they have. This can allow you to make a better decision on buying a wooden pallet because you can base your decision on what kinds of features a specific type of wooden pallet has.

These are just some of the characteristics to look for when you are inspecting which kind of wooden pallet would suit your needs as a business. Again you can buy a well-made wooden pallet at So do not hesitate to check out that website if you ever need to get your hands on the contact details of a reputable pallet supplier based in Poole and Southampton. You must be sure to buy the right quality of wooden pallet, especially if you want the transportation of goods to go smoothly.

Loft Conversion: Things to Consider

Change requires much attention. If we need to change something, we think about it carefully. We pay attention to every detail before deciding if we need to pursue on a certain decision or not. And if this change has to be done at home, we also value what other family member says. Most of the time decision making is up to the parents especially of there is something that has to change within the household. Even the simplest form of expanding your home. Like an attic to turn into an additional bedroom. Things have to be considered wisely. As what Wendy Wunder wrote, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

If we need to reconstruct something inside the home, to others, cost matters. Not everyone is capable of paying for the materials and labor that are needed to convert an attic to a loft. Some families consider expanding their homes to avoid huge expenses in purchasing a larger home.

One may also think about the labor. Most likely, those people who don’t know anything about constructions of lofts consider hiring a contractual like the Bespoke fitted attics North London may perform the task easier. The quality of work has to be prioritized. You can pay less but the quality is compromised that may make you pay even more to fix things up. You are lucky enough if someone in the family knows carpentry and interior designing very much they can work hand in hand to complete the reconstruction.

If an attic has your old stuff, you need to know where to place them. You are expanding your home yes but how about the things occupying the attic? You can sell them, reuse them or if it has to be thrown away, throw them away. Less mess, more room to occupy.

Is the space in the attic enough to make it a room, an office or just simply a storage? It is not really that important but perhaps you are thinking to add a bedroom but the space in the attic is just enough to convert it to a comfort room or just do a little makeover to a clean and organized storage room.

Permission from local authority is very important. There are some lofts conversions that may require permission planning. You can be penalized if you fail to abide by this step. In the UK, there are different types of loft conversions that require a permission planning.

Who will do the work? You are lucky if someone in your family knows carpentry or love interior designing.

Other things we also need to consider are insurance premiums. This is something not so important but may come across our minds, to inform our mortgage lender or insurance provider.

Over time, what has been changed to one’s home always adds up to its value. It increases the value of the property in the market. There are other things the household needs to consider in renovating one’s home. It depends on the household itself.


The Emerging Trend of Loft Conversion

If you are living in house now that is worth more than thousands of money costs plus you are planning to have a loft conversion this is a great advantage. Knowing that loft conversion can add value to your property, this would costs you more return of investment by the time you plan to sell your home.

In terms of how much a loft conversion would cost you, it is important that you seek for a consultation first such as going to an Architect to have your loft drawn. In this way, you will have an idea as to how it your home would look like with an extended loft. To determine that value of the Architects drawing, going to a loft converter specialist like at is the next step. They will analyze and determine the entire cost of the loft conversion by estimating the price range and the number of days or months of loft repair conversion. This is one factor that you can take advantage with hiring a loft converter specialist.

Comparing it to buying a new home, it would perhaps costs you more than you could ever pay with a loft conversion. Having an extra room is worth the investment because this will not cost you very expensively whereas in moving to a another home. Imagine the additional costs of payment such as mortgage, taxes and others. So, think about loft conversion at the moment before you decide to move.

A possibility for rental opportunities after a loft conversion.

Adding an extra room in your property can lead you as well with great opportunities. For example, the extra space that was usually owned by your growing child is now married and has moved with their spouse at another place. This could be a good advantage for you to have the loft converted space for rent. The benefit of having someone live in your loft converted space decreases the value of renting property.

In terms of hiring for loft conversion builders, it is important that you make a checklist of the following.

  1. Reputable company- if you want an outcomes that is outstanding and makes you in awe at the same time, hiring for a reputable loft converter is better. This entails the number of years experience for at least more than 5 years. Through the skills that they have acquired over the past years, you are guaranteed of a job well done.
  2. Portfolio from previous work- of course, how can you be assured that they are reputable? Ask for a portfolio, this is one way for you to check how they work and you’d also see consumer’s recommendation. In this way, you can weigh your option whether you’re going to pursue the commitment or not.
  3. Comparing builder’s quotes- while you are selecting for various loft builder converter, it is necessary that you check and compare the prices so that you will know which will tailor fit your budget.

Therefore, a loft conversion is not just an emerging trend that you want to follow but also the investment that you are doing not only today but for your future as well.

Stepping Up the Design and Decor of Your Staircase

Designing and decorating your staircase is one thing that you should be excited about because staircases adds beautiful interior design in your home. Whether you have an old staircase, perhaps remodelling it would be a great idea to make the overall appearance more appealing and grandiose. Most of the staircase are made out of wood materials specifically oak wood as this is a kind of material that is good for construction. You can as well find these either online such as at or go to an actual store wherein you can see how it looks like.

Adding a particular decor such as at guarantees that your home will look sophisticated. It is important that you choose sceptically for a kind of design. There are as well detailed types such as the use of balusters design where it adds a good statement of your staircase. To know more about decorating and styling the staircase, here are the following.

  1. The use of stencils- if you have a classic, white colored and wooden style of staircase, mixing it with perhaps a designer paint of style with different shades. You can get more inspiration on this type of design and style via online browsing.
  2. Wallpaper design- if you are on a budget, you can design you staircase floor with a wallpaper design. You can choose various as this comes in many kinds of pattern.
  3. Bookshelf staircase- incorporating this kind of design will change the entire form of your house. Of course, with good materials, you are ensured that the bookshelf staircase will be built according to how you want things to be done.
  4. A one color design- you can as well just choose to have a one-design color for your overall staircase. Make sure that it is not design brightly as this will add a contrast to other decorations that you have in your home.
  5. A classic combo- ripping off the carpet and replace it with a classic combo type makes it more appealing and neat to look. Having this timeless style adds a traditional design. You can have the railings without designs as well or depending if you want to add decorations.
  6. An easy and breezy design- the use of a paint fabric can be used to decorate your staircase. The good thing is that oak woods are best fitted as well with this kind of material for design.
  7. Carpet- there are different carpet styles that you can choose at the store. A carpet is best for homeowners who are living together with an elderly or a toddler. This is safer and more convenient to use.
  8. No railings staircase- if your staircase happens to be designed in between walls, you can have the option of designing your staircase floor with a matching ombre effect to give better lightning.
  9. Painting the stair rail- this can be another option for you to add as design for the staircase.

Adding an appeal in your home will definitely look stunning as long as you have the best materials to use with the right manufacturer.

Tips in choosing an accountant/accounting service

Are you about to choose an accountant or accounting service to help you with your accounts? If you are then let this help you by giving you simple and easy tips that you can apply for when the need arises. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing the best or experiencing not the best. Remember that there are a lot of accountant and accounting service that is why it is important that you choose the best one and here are the tips to help you on that matter.

·         Experience: according to, if you are about to choose an accountant or an accounting service then a tip for you is to check on how experience they are. This way you would know if they will be able to help you or not because it can’t be helped that there are some that would only be after your money and give you poor quality work. That is why better check if the one you chose is well experienced.

·         Customer feedback: another tip that you can apply in choosing an accountant or an accounting service is to check customer feedback. This would mean both the positive and negative because in this way you would know if the service you are availing from them would be worth it because remember you are paying for them to do an excellent job. That is why don’t forget to check on their customer feedback.

·         Work result: you should also check out their work result before availing their service. You can always give them a situation and what they would do because this way you would know if they are able to handle such a work for you. The work result is important since that is what you are after from them.

·         Background: doing a background check can also be another tip for you to do in order for you to know if availing for their service would be worth it. A background check doesn’t need to be extreme, you can just check their educational background and if they ever did something illegal. With a background check, you have a foundation for your confidence in their service.

·         Price: never forget about checking the price because the price is the line that would let you know if you should continue with their service or not. With price as well this will help you know if you are willing enough to spend that amount for them and even would agree to it because there are times when the price can be expensive or cheap.

When you apply the following tips stated above, then you should know that you are doing yourself a favor since you are saving yourself from spending too much money, time and energy and you are also preventing yourself from experiencing poor quality service or a scam. That is why if you are in need of an accountant or accounting service then don’t forget about the following stated above because it can help you a lot.

Tips for cleaning your windows

Can you imagine yourself having a dirty or dusty window? Would it be horrible? That is why, if you want to have your windows clean, then you can do it yourself. Don’t worry it is super easy and you can do it if you have only a few windows in your house. suggested that there are easy and simple tips that you can do to make sure that your windows will be clean and you will enjoy these tips because they wouldn’t cost you anything and you can save or re-use a few things and you are being resourceful when you try these tips when you clean windows.

When it comes to cleaning your windows you can use old newspaper to give it a spotlessly clean look. Though rug or clothing would be good the paper would be a better option when you are about to do the finishing touches because paper can absorb all the water better the cloth. Besides using newspaper to clean your window you can even use ordinary soap to add into your water or just use simple water to clean your window because in the end, the water would still take away any signs of dust or other things in your window.

Another thing you can do when you are about to clean your window is first dust it all out or sweep out any dust or other things in your window because when you are about to clean your window without cleaning the dust away it would only add more dirt to your window. So that it wouldn’t happen dust or sweep your window first and then apply water to it so that it would be quicker to clean your window and it would be spotless when you are finished cleaning your window. You will enjoy the result after you’re done.

When you are about to clean your window, it would be best to do it on a cloudy day or at night or at times when there isn’t much sunlight because if your cloth wouldn’t be able to get all of the little droplets of water they can dry out without the help of the sun and it would be much cleaner in that method because when you use the sun to dry out the droplets it would leave a mark which means more work for you. That is why if you don’t want that to happen schedule your time.

With these tips, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning your window because now you know how to clean your window and it will be much faster and cleaner than before. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself about dusty or dirty windows because now you can just clean it away. Your home would look so clean because of your window because if a person sees a house with clean windows then they would think that the entire house would be clean. That is why you need to make sure that your windows are clean because it can make a difference.